Moving? Landlords Picking Up the Tab.

Posted by mhatala on April 14, 2009
Tenant Rep

In today’s market, landlords are covering an increasing portion of the tenant improvement cost, often 100%. Factors that affect a landlord’s willingness to cover these costs include:

Tenant’s financial strength

Total cost to complete the tenant improvements

Layout of the space (unique or re-leasable?)

Lease duration

What about the other moving costs? Items such as cabling, changing stationary and moving or buying furniture are typically born by the tenant. A new trend creeping into the tenant-friendly market is the willingness of landlords to contribute to these expenses. The landlord’s contribution can take several forms, including:

A “moving allowance”, to reimburse the tenant’s actual moving expenses. 

The ability to apply unused tenant improvement funds to moving expenses.

Additional free rent

Your tenant broker can provide a strategy to capitalize on current market conditions. Removing the moving costs from the equation allows a tenant to consider all of the opportunities the market has to offer.

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  • I just had a question, we are a small compnay and looking to expand with a bigger rental. We have been using places like backpage, office space heaven, and a few others. Is that the best way to do research on office and executive suites for lease


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