Can real estate be sold on Twitter?

Posted by mhurston on June 16, 2009
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Can real estate be sold on Twitter? Whether you’ve been a fan of Twitter for some time now or if you just happened to start using it recently because you read it’s a great social media tool that is becoming popular, you probably have asked yourself at some point – is it possible to make money with Twitter?

A quick Google search of this topic will lead you to find many people all telling you that it’s easy to do…but is it for everyone? From poking around the net I’ve found, and I think many will agree with me, that the people making money with Twitter are those selling Retail products or Affiliate services. Dell is a great example. Recently Dell announced that they made over $3 Million from Twitter exclusive deals. They would post a direct link to their product on Twitter; people would follow the link and buy the computer. Fantastic, it’s proven; you can make money on Twitter. But can you buy a house? What about an office building?

This is something I’m really interested to find out and am willing to give it a shot for the next while. I’m sure many of you have noticed the feeds from Las Vegas CRE News, which include commercial property listings, get pumped out to Twitter every few hours. While the traffic from this has been great, no one I work with has reported a lead generating into a sale from Twitter. Many of the brokers I’ve spoken with outside of the Vegas Valley have all given me the same response. This begs us to then ask the question – if it is not generating results is it worth it?

Too many variables exist right now in my research to give a definite answer one way or another on how effective Twitter is or may be in the future as more people in the CRE industry begin to use it to market their listings, but who I’d really like to hear from are those on the residential side of things. Residential brokers seem to embrace new technology and marketing ideas a lot faster than commercial brokers, so it would be safe to assume that those who have been using Twitter longer to market their listings would give a better insight into the chances of having a property sell from a lead generated from Twitter.

So this begs me to ask, if you’re a real estate agent or broker for either commercial or residential and have actually had a lead generated from Twitter result in a transaction being completed, I’d love to hear about it and post it here for others to be inspired by. Please contact me at mgh at lasvegascrenews dot com

– Michael G. Hurston

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