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Posted by mhurston on July 16, 2009
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After eating a non-healthy breakfast of Bread and Cheese Sunday morning I decided I needed to change my habits, at least for a little while, and get my body in order. I had read online about Juice Diets, the three to seven day diets designed to detox your system, give your digestive track a break, clean out your colon and overall help lose a few pounds. Though, from what I can tell, the pounds you lose are probably more from blockage within you than actual body fat loss. The following is my journal of my food and beverage intake. I have no idea what the calorie count is, though I’m sure someone could give an accurate estimate to me if they wanted too. I drink water sporadically throughout the day so it’s not included, but assume anywhere from four to eight glasses of water a day. I also typically pop one or two multivitamins from GNC when I get up, if I feel really tired. For the following I weighed myself after waking up in the morning.

It’s important to note that I have an extremely slow metabolism, as I typically only eat once a day, sometimes twice, usually always in the evening. So if you plan to copy me on this, you may want to adjust or modify how often you’re intake is. Also, it’s worth noting that on my second day of this I noticed I had a lot more bowel movements than normal, typically I am a once, sometimes twice, a day person and on Tuesday I had six. Lastly, I’m not someone who spends all day at the gym or even has a regular workout schedule; instead I usually spend about 30 minutes, three times a week focusing on a certain muscle groups. However, for this diet, I made sure to spend at least 30 minutes a day, in addition to playing in my pool after.

Juice Blend Ingredients:

6 Bananas – took peel off

3 Grape Fruit – left the skin on

1 small box of Blackberries

1 large box of Raspberries

10 Yoplait Yogurt – Acacia

½ a large bottle of Pomegranate Juice

Sunday: 198.4 Lbs.

11 AM – Bread and Cheese – a small pizza size worth

12 AM – Work out focus: Chest, Triceps, Abs

1 PM – Relaxed and played in the pool

4 PM – Began Juice Diet – 3 tall glasses over the course of an hour and a half

6 PM – 2 Glasses of Red Wine (Bordeaux)

7 PM – 6 non-salted Almonds

Monday: 194.7 Lbs.

9 AM – Black Coffee, continued refilling through out day, end result about 6 cups

5 PM – Work out focus: Legs, Calfs, Shoulders, Biceps, Abs

6 PM – 2 tall glasses of Juice Diet

6 PM – Cut up 2 Bananas, ½ a cup of Peanut Butter and 2 Tablespoons of Honey

6:30 PM – a half handful of popcorn my wife made and stuck in front of me

7 PM – 1 tall glass of Juice Diet

Tuesday: 190.3 Lbs.

9 AM – Black Coffee, continued refilling through out day, end result about 4 cups

3 PM – 1 sugar coated Walnut from the kitchen at work

5 PM – 1 tall glass of Juice Diet

6 PM – Work out focus: Chest, Triceps, Abs

6:30 PM – Relaxed and played in the pool

7 PM – 1 small glass of Juice Diet

Wednesday: 189.4 Lbs.

8 AM – 1 small glass of Juice Diet

9 AM – 1 Redbull

10 AM – 1 Cherry

1 PM – 1 Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

4:30 PM – 1 cup black coffee

5 PM – 1 Glass Juice Diet

6 PM – 4 Glasses of red wine (Syrah)

7 PM – Handful of non-salted Almonds

Thursday Morning Conclusion

Over these few days my energy level dropped a lot, I felt tired and sleepy by 8pm where as I usually get this way around 10pm. I also noticed I felt weaker physically and it showed in my workouts. While I did actually lose an even 10 Lbs. within these four days I still feel it is mostly water and blockage waste, not actual fat.

After eating the first real breakfast in a few days, eggs and bacon, I felt a little queasy, though my energy level and strength seemed to return during my workout this morning. I also weighed myself later that morning and found I was already back at 191.7, which to me would seem to indicate that by this coming Sunday I’ll be back to my normal weight again after being on my regular diet.

While I am glad I was able to stick to this diet for my committed number of days, I don’t think it was worthwhile overall. I could have simply spent a weekend eating spinach all day and had a similar occurrence of cleansing. Ultimately I just need to get off my ass and be more active, which is really hard when you have to sit at a desk for twelve hours a day.

– Michael G. Hurston

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