Government Meeting? Stay Away From Fun City

Posted by mhurston on July 22, 2009
Off The Cuff

What do Reno, Orlando and Las Vegas have in common? To some pockets of the federal government, they just seem like too much fun.

WSJ Article

Just what we need, more people within our government trying to tell others not to come to Vegas. Thanks a lot, maybe we can put in for some more of that free government cheese now.

R&R Partners and/or the Nevada Development Authority really need to start showing the world that we have a lot more to do in Vegas than just Gambling and Strip Clubs on Las Vegas Boulevard. We have great outdoor adventure spots such as Red Rock, Valley of Fire, Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead and we’re only 45 to 60 minutes from Mt. Charleston (nice skiing in the winter) and the Hoover Dam. There really is a lot this city can offer people, yet all anyone ever wants to do is talk about The Strip and now it’s biting us in the ass.

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